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Fostering the minds of your little ones

Guru Academy strives to provide quality childcare services by organizing several age-appropriate activities to enrich each child’s potential. Each session is focused on subjects essential to the children’s personal and academic development. In all of our sessions, we make sure that our children get to share positive learning experiences with their peers and achieve their optimal development.

Session I 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM


Through play-based experiences, children will learn to optimize their creativity, grow fond of learning, and take pride in belonging to a community. Our art subject allows your little ones to connect with others and their surroundings to discover a purposeful learning experience.
We aim to address all domains in science by encouraging exploration of their everyday world and utilizing age-appropriate activities and experiments to pique their interest. We assess our learners academically and socially to ensure we cater to their specific needs.
We organize stimulating activities and use systematic and direct instructions in encouraging children to develop their fine and gross motor skills.
We utilize several important learning models and approaches in ensuring our learner’s academic success. Each of our learners gets to work on worksheets every week to retain and assess their learning. We cater to the unique learning styles of our learners, so they cope with our lessons well.

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