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Preparing your little ones for their next stage in life

Our trained educators at Guru Academy organize various age-appropriate activities for our young learners to inspire them to explore, socialize, and develop their potential. Each session is focused on subjects essential to the children’s personal and academic development. We understand that human connection is an essential component in learning which is why we engage our learners in individual and group activities to help them enhance their social skills and leadership skills.

Session II 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM


Our learner’s health is our priority. We strive to help them establish a healthy lifestyle at a young age. We make exercises an important part of our session where children can make use of their overflowing energy and develop their motor skills and cardiovascular endurance.
Social Studies
We acknowledge our children’s potential to become relevant members of the community which is why we strive to raise their awareness of the world around them. We do so by encouraging safe exploration and integrating fun into their learning experiences.
We use various interactive activities where our children can grasp mathematical concepts and solve problems with their peers. We provide your little ones with learning games and printable worksheets they can work on their own or with their friends so they can develop a greater sense of connectedness.
Our learners at the center are provided with state-of-the-art learning materials including weekly books and reading materials to promote language development.

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